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Climbing Mt. Everest

In pre-prodution we adopted the Mt. Everest philosophy: Making a movie is like climbing Mt. Everest. You have to be physically and mentally fit and totally prepared for the mission. You rely heavily on communication and planning. And there is a chance that the whole fucking world will come crashing down on you and you won't ever make it to the top. We called on this analogy throughout production. And, in the final days, the air was definitely starting to get thinner.

We had back-loaded the schedule with a handful of locations that we could not manage to secure during production. By the final day, we had all of them, except the rooftop. Brian, Lane, and I scoured the city trying to find one, but no one would give us permission. The ones that did weren't that good. And the ones worth stealing weren't crew accessible.

Finally on the last day, we found Therapy. Meika hooked up with the owner, Wayne, and convinced him to let us shoot there. Wayne was such a trooper. He worked with us for hours trying to find a way up there. We finally rented an extension ladder and strapped it to a less than optimal location in the back. We had to rope up the equipment because the ladder was so vert. It was pretty hairy.

When the sun came up, we wrapped production on Quality of Life. We pulled it. We had scaled Mount Everest. But we were far from home.

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