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Coming Down is the Hard Part

Kev called me a few days after we wrapped. He was in his car and said he had just heard a story on NPR about Mount Everest. The guy said that getting up was hard as hell.

But most of the accidents occur on the way down.

We agreed right then and there that we were going to finish strong. Hiring Sharon Franklin as our editor and Andy Wiskes (LINK) for post production sound mixing were the first of many wise choices we have made on the way down. And now we have a film to show people. So momentum is easier to generate.

It hasn't been easy, by any measure. We're all running on fumes. And, as Brant says, when the fumes run out, we get out and push. But at least we have something to hold on to now. Even if we don't get into Sundance (third time's a charm?) or any other festival, for that matter, we know we have a great film on our hands. And that makes it all worthwhile.

So, wish us luck. We ain't home yet.

- Director Benjamin Morgan, Fall 2003

Follow-up note from Producer Brant Smith in Fall 2007:
The film went on to premiere at the Berlin Int'l Film Festival, where it won a prestigious Special Mention jury award. We played other great festivals including Cinequest, Seattle, Stockholm and beyond.

In 2005, the self-distributed the film in select theaters nationwide, starting with a 6+ week run in our hometown of San Francisco. It's now available on DVD right here on this site. Support the cause and order today (free shipping worldwide).

Believe me, distribution was a whole other headache. Ask us to tell you about it sometime....
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