Behind the scenes - Page 2

Fantastic Fource

I was into graffiti at a young age. I actually got turned on to cholo writing when I lived in LA in the early 80s. This kid SLEEPY (RIP) from 18th Street would show us these dope ass cholo handstyles in class and got me and my friends hooked. We started tagging up the neighborhood with a vengeance. Then Subway Art came out and it was on.

When I moved back home to SF in '84, I put all of my energy into B-Boying. I never really took graff to the level that many of my friends did because I was so consumed with breaking. That's all I did. Day and night. My crew, Fantastic Fource, ruled the city. It was pretty much us, Renegade, and Master City from '84-'86. I never lost a battle. (And never will, since my crusty old carcass has long since retired.)

I always knew that someday I'd have to put some of those personal experiences (and stories from friends) on the big screen. Fifteen years later, Quality of Life was born.