Behind the scenes - Page 6

The Kid Next Door

Brian Burnam was my next door neighbor in Santa Cruz. I was several years older than him and was living on my own with a couple of friends from college. Brian would come kick it at my place on the regular and we became good friends. The relationship has lasted for almost 15 years. We lost contact when I moved to Oregon in 2000 to escape the dot-com boom. But I'm a loyal bastard; I wanted all of my homies to be part of this film. So I called Brian's ass up and roped him in.

Brian knew a little something about the graff scene as well and was amped to tackle a feature film. Right away, Brian had a huge influence on the script. He had never written anything before, but he had a natural flow. And he jumped right in and made all of my self-imposed deadlines. Brian basically made the script what it is today.